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"You’re going to let them play soldiers?" said Vimes.

"Oh, Commander Vimes," said Mr. Burleigh, smiling. "As a military man yourself, you must—"

Sometimes people can attract attention by shouting. They might opt for thumping a table, or even take a swing at someone else. But Vimes achieved the effect by freezing, by simply doing nothing. The chill radiated off him. Lines in his face locked like a statue.

"I am not a military man."

And then Burleigh made the mistake of trying to grin disarmingly.

"Well, commander, the helmet and armor and everything… . It’s really all the same in the end, isn’t it?"

"No. It’s not."

~Jingo by T. Pratchett

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This is Frankenstein, MD. The show that’s overflowing with fascinating medical science facts…

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